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About Our Store

Look and feel as exceptional as our alpacas!

Why alpacas? This is likely the most common question we get asked! Of course, they are adorable and extremely photogenic, but there is a lot more to alpaca farming than most people realize. Our initial herd of alpacas was hand selected from elite genetic lines from across Canada. The main focus of our breeding program is to produce alpacas that have excellent conformation (body type), nice temperaments AND amazing fleece. Every decision we make has these three key elements in mind. Because of this commitment to responsible breeding, our animals look and feel exceptional. This is exactly how we want you to feel when you purchase one of our alpaca products!

Most of the products we carry in our farm store are hand crafted from the fleece/fiber of our very own animals. After the harvest (also known as shearing day), we spend several hours sorting through fleeces in preparation for the mill. It is at the mill, where all the magic happens! Our gorgeous fleeces are transformed into yarns and then knit or woven into the items you see.

We are extremely proud of the fact that the majority of the products we offer are 100% Canadian made. We do offer a few select products that come from fair trade markets in Peru and are pleased to have the opportunity to support their economy as well.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions about the items in our store.

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